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About Us

Once Upon a Crown princess entertainer at birthday party

Once Upon a Time ...

Our founder, Abigail, grew up awed and inspired by the magic of princesses and mermaids. The Little Mermaid, in particular, showed her it was okay to chase after your dreams even if no one else understands them. 


One of those dreams was to bring the magic she felt as a child to other boys and girls. In 2017, she set out to fulfill that dream when she started Once Upon a Crown. Consider it a dream fulfilled! Through Abigail and her company, hundreds of children throughout our community have experienced the joy, magic and love these characters embody.

In 2020, Abigail chose to pass the baton to one of her performers, Amanda, who seeks to lead the company with all of the same passion, excitement and grace Abigail did. And her other goal? Make families feel like they have Orlando right here in Tulsa. 


And the dream continues!

It Takes More than Wishing on a Star

Making magic isn't always easy, and we expect our performers to deliver incredible performances every time. All of our costumes are extremely high quality and modeled after the movie or parks looks. We try to capture every detail from each character, from the look to the voice and mannerisms. And we've gone above and beyond brainstorming new ways to make sure you feel like we bring every bit of the parks magic with us to every event.

Once Upon a Crown party entertainer
Once Upon a Crown princess performer at princess party

Living Happily Ever After

We always keep 1 Peter 4:8 in our hearts while going to events because we strongly believe in the power of bringing love everywhere! And everywhere we go, we keep the inspiration that started it all with us: chase your dreams and exude love no matter what.

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