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What to Expect

We are very flexible and want to help you throw the perfect party or event! We can specialize our packages however you like, but, generally, this is our process and what you can expect when you book with us.

Our Process

Tips & Tricks

  • Don't schedule your character at the very beginning of the party. Give your guests at least 30 minutes to show.

  • Don't open presents before your character arrives. If you have something they need for the character visit, consider opening just that one.

  • If your character is not assisting with cake, consider doing that at the very end of the party. That way, your character can still sing happy birthday and leave as you are cutting the cake. It is generally less difficult for the child when they have cake or presents to look forward to directly following the character's exit.

  • Please do not pay or tip your character where the children can see. 

  • Please respect the time of the performer. Sometimes, staying a bit longer doesn't matter, but, often, they need to leave on time to get to another event.

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